2006. the skatepark.

The project started with local skaters and BMXers meeting in the back room of a local fish and chip shop in 2000, wanting to set up somewhere to ride.  As a result of their resilience and knowledge of what would work locally (along with a bit of support along the way) the group formed Lincolnshire Extreme Sports Association as a registered charity. It is members of this original group that continue to play a major role in the running of the project to this day.

X-site was the first purpose built indoor and outdoor skatepark in the UK, with the initial funding provided by a number of funders including the Big Lottery and Sports England.

Opened in 2006, the indoor park has gone through several changes.  The street course continues to evolve each year and received a full re-design in late 2013. 

The Mini Ramp has been hailed as one of the best in the country evolving each year as new obstacles are added to keep up with the annual UK Mini Ramp Championships event which sees riders from all over Europe visit to compete.


2007. the plaza.

The Plaza opened in 2007, a year after the indoor park opened, the SKEG plaza was designed in association with UK skate legend and DC Team manager Rob Selley and built by Miletree Construction.

The Plaza provides a realistic street environment taking inspiration from some world famous skate spots with everything you need including ledges, banks, hubbas, stairs and rails, with the odd DIY spot thrown into the mix. All with the added bonus that if you arrive and it happens to rain you still have the indoor park to skate, so no matter what the weather, you’re guaranteed a good session at SKEG.


2011. the wind turbine.

Phase 3 of our project saw us install a Westwind 20kw wind turbine. 

This installation is to assist us in securing the long term sustainability of X-Site and give the project a far greater independence from having to use commercial energy suppliers by generating our own energy.

The turbine is situated out on the plaza, by placing it out on our seafront location we feel we can utilise clean renewable energy to run the building, at the same time as reducing our carbon footprint and promote alternative power sources and technologies to all of our users, visitors and the wider community.

The Project was supported by:

• Low Carbon Buildings Programme (BRE)

• Community Sustainable Environmental Programme (CSEP)

• Centrica Renewables

• Green Generation

• Miletree Construction

• Garfield Weston Foundation

We would like to publicly acknowledge and thank these various organisations and bodies in supporting our project.

As well as these organisations we would also like to highlight the work and support of our Local Development Officer, Paul Johnson.  Without his countless number of hours of help and support this phase of our project, along with the other previous phases, would not have succeeded. 


2016. 10 Years!


This year sees us celebrate our 10 year anniversary.  These last 10 years have been at times a battle, but for the most it has been all worthwhile.  Many didn't think we would last 10 months nevermind 10 years, so here is to the doubters and to everyone who has played a part in the success' of the skatepark along the way.  Without all of the staff, both current and past members, the Trustees, other organisations and supporters and everyone who come through the door, none of this would be possible.  The most important thanks though is to all of you, the users, it is you guys coming through the door day after day that keeps us going and makes every battle worthwhile.  Keep your eyes peeled for events throughout the year that we will be holding to celebrate our anniversary.  Here's to the next 10 years!