Black Friday

Today marks another black day for skateboarding. As many of you are hitting up the "Black Friday" deals from multi national brands and businesses, the skateboard world loses another legit brand from its ranks.

Dwindle distribution, owner of Cliché skateboards, just sent out a press release to inform, and address the rumours around the potential demise of their Cliché skateboards brand.

“This message is to advise that we will no longer be continuing with theCliché brand. Despite the incredible team involved with this company (riders and creative), due to worsening market conditions, we regrettably have had to make this difficult decision. 
Massive respect to Al Boglio, Jeremie Daclin, Eric Frenay and the whole team for helping to truly put European skateboarding on the map in a way that no other company had done prior, opening the door for many others over the last 20 years. They leave an amazing legacy in skateboarding and we wish them and the team the best on their future journeys and projects.
Please know that these decisions where not easy or quick to come to. These choices are part of a longer term view regarding what/where we need to be focused on. Opening up bandwidth within the company to explore new opportunities for Dwindle in the coming months / year(s).”

Cliché was founded by Jeremie Daclin in Lyon in the late nineties. By forming a versatile team, traveling the continent and beyond while producing outstanding videos like Europa or Bon Appetit to winning TWS Best Team award in 2006 – Cliché was the first company that really put European skatebaording on the global map and continued to do so for many years.

This news comes at the end of a couple of weeks where another two independent UK skater owned stores are forced to close its doors. This year has seen many more have to follow suit.

The UK skate scene needs YOU!!! The scene does not exist without the local shop or park that is run by people who know and care. Yes you may find something online for a couple of quid cheaper, but maybe it's more important to spend that extra pound or two locally, keeping the local shop/park/brand going?

Once we are all gone it will be too late and you will only then realise what you had and how you didn't make the most of it when you had it.

If we haven't got what you need, ask us, we can try to get it for you, or we may be able to point you in the direction of another skater owned store who have it, making sure that you are still supporting the bigger scene.

Tomorrow is SUPPORT SKATER OWNED SATURDAY so make sure you visit your local park/shop/board company and help support the thing you love.